Boss Guiding Hunting Alberta Canada - Goose, Duck, Deer, Waterfowl
Boss Guiding
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Your Hosts
Bob & Norma Byers
Boss Guiding has been successfully guiding hunters in South Central Alberta since 1984. In 1995 we built and moved into Nighthaven Lodge where we have operated for the past twenty years. A proud member of the Alberta Professional Outfitters Society, we offer top quality waterfowl hunts.  Waterfowling is our specialty! We do offer some deer hunts with both bow and rifle but only as a special request.
Boss Guiding Hunting Alberta Canada - Goose, Duck, Deer, Waterfowl
We do not promote large numbers of hunters as we are very conscious of the pressure on local game by both resident and non-resident hunters. If you are tired of being caught up in the "numbers" game and want to experience excellent shooting from quality blinds over state of the art decoys, stay with your family and/or hunting companions in comfortable accommodations and be treated as friends rather than clients, then you want to book your next hunting experience with Boss Guiding!

Your hosts, Bob & Norma Byers, owners & operators of Boss Guiding, would like to invite you to three days of incredible waterfowling at Nighthaven Lodge in South Central Alberta.

Bob has been an avid hunter and outdoorsman all his life. He is also an accomplished taxidermist as visitors to Nighthaven Lodge will attest. Past President of the Alberta Professional Outfitters Society, Bob is keenly aware of the role that outfitting plays in the big scheme of things Province wide.

Norma annually takes time off from the Quilting Cult to become head cook and bottle washer at the lodge. She provides some levity when she announces to new groups that she has heard every hunting story there is to tell; only the names, places and dates have changed. Norm will make sure that you are looked after with all the comforts of home. You never leave hungry or feeling like the staff has not gone the full ten miles to make your stay an excellent and memorable experience. And if you are very fortunate, in her words, "you will know before you leave if you are getting a Christmas card".

Bob and Norma Byers - Nighthaven Lodge
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Bookings are confirmed when deposits are received.

No strangers to international hunting, Bob & Norma have travelled extensively to hunt and fish across Canada and numerous destinations in the US. Four trips to Africa have resulted in over thirty species of plains game, a start on Africa`s big five and tours in Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Highlight destinations such as Kruger Park, St. Lucia, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and the wine and flower routes in South Africa and Victoria Falls and camps in the Okavango Delta have proved to be spectacular. Hunts in Finland for roe deer, Tajikistan for Ibex and Marco Polo ram, and Spain for Ibex have rounded out the international hunting. All of this experience has gone into what we provide as a service to our hunters when they book at Nighthaven Lodge.
Nighthaven Lodge is situated in the country on a waterfowl marsh west of Stettler Alberta. Nighthaven provides comfortable accommodations based upon double occupancy. Three bedrooms downstairs help to determine our minimum number of six hunters and the upstairs bedroom gives us the option of accommodating up to eight hunters. Guests are treated like visiting family members. This beautiful country lodge provides a relaxed atmosphere that features a one acre trout pond, outdoor gardens and fire pit for evening happy hour (weather permitting) and is just right for unwinding after the day's hunting adventures are complete. Meals are served upstairs in the Dining room and the downstairs accommodations surround a great room set up with HD television so you do not miss your favorite college football team in action, a wet bar for your convenience and an ambience that will make you wish you did not have to leave at the end of your three day trip.
"Many experiences are as much about the people you share them with as they are about the experience itself.  At Boss Guiding we have a staff that will make your experience special" 

Bob Byers
Bob Byers - Owner/Operator
Bob retired from being a teacher /administrator in 2003. He has been hunting in Alberta since he was old enough to do so. Bob has been operating Boss Guiding for over 30 years. He is the "bird guy" at Boss guiding and coordinates the bird part of our operation. Bob enjoys hunting big game with his rifle and has travelled internationally to hunt.
Norma Byers - Owner/Operator
Since Norm's retirement in 2007 she has become the bookkeeper, bed maker, cook and cleaner upper at Nighthaven Lodge. An integral part of your hunting day, she will see that your stay is worry free so you can enjoy what you came to do - hunt!
Jason Byers - Owner/Operator
Jason is the "head guide" and it is no accident that he is the "deer guy" as he is an accomplished bow hunter. He spends three months each fall guiding hunters for birds, deer and moose. In his spare time he manages to "squeeze in" some hunting of his own.

Len Currie - Waterfowl guide
Len is our main bird guide and after teaching for an eternity he has finally discovered that he is happy working in the out of doors. By next year Len`s new dog Kayla should be comfortable in the blind and she is going to make a great retriever. Pleasant and personable, Len will help make your hunt a special experience.

Greg Laewetz - Guide
Greg does it all. In the morning he loads trailers and reminds Bob not to forget anything. He organizes clients so they don`t forget anything. He sets up and tears down blinds and decoys. He fills in for Len, spots, cleans up when the day is done and nine times out of ten has something to do with the preparation of your dinner. We are fortunate to have Greg and you will find him easy going and industrious.

Vicki Laewetz - New member of our cooking staff
For those of you looking to come to Boss Guiding and loose a few pounds, Vicki is your worst enemy. Every evening she delivers a decadent desert that even those of you who beg off dessert find difficult to resist.

Al Campbell - Minister of Tourism, Stettler Alberta Canada
Al, our Minister of Local Tourism, has been hauling hunters to and from Calgary Intl. Airport for as long as I can remember. Al`s white hair and impressive moustache have been coiffed perfectly so that none of you miss him at the airport. Once Al has picked you up to take you where you are going you will find out that there are few questions he can`t answer and fewer topics that he does not have an opinion on.

Sunny, Jason and Erin`s golden retriever, has been professionally trained by Ron Bishke.

Brandy, Bob and Norma`s golden retriever, has been trained by Bob.

Kala, Len and Jennifer`s black lab, is being trained by Len and should be in the blind next year.

Bob & Normas new pup in training.

Dan lives in BC in the heart of bear country.  He is our lead hand and bird guide in training.

Norman wants you all to know that this years Christmas card is on line.

Please tell Everyone!