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Bird Hunting

The hunters that make up our clientele are from all over the world and from all walks of life.
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The hunters that make up our clientele are from all over the world and from all walks of life. To those of you who have made multiple trips to Boss Guiding we thank you for your support and friendship over the years. To those of you who are considering booking a trip with Boss Guiding, rest assured that we will do our very best to see that you have a wonderful trip and that the experience you have at Nighthaven Lodge will be one to remember!

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Excellent Goose Shooting...

Our goose hunting demographics continue to change. This past year saw us harvest the most Canada geese we ever have. Our speck harvest was down proportionately. The good news is we harvested the same number of geese as 2018 so our success rate continues to be excellent! Your daily bag limit on dark geese is eight, five of which can be whitefronts. Although we do not target snow geese we add some to the mix on a daily basis. Your three day possession limit of dark geese is 24. Goose populations continue to be high and local migration is awesome!

Excellent Duck Shooting...

Since the fall of 2010 our duck hunting has been superb. Consisting mostly of mallards, our duck bag may also include pintails, gadwalls, widgeons and some teal. Following a wet summer, prairie potholes are full and the ducks continue to hold their own. 2019 was a good year for ducks despite a reported 20% shortfall in nesting success. Our success rate in 2019 was better than 2017 but did not quite match up to 2018 which was a superb year.

Excellent Equipment...

We continue to refine our equipment and add to our already excellent line of decoys. WE USE DAKOTA DECOYS... Canada goose, Speck, Snow and Mallard field and floating decoys are the basis for all our decoy spreads. Robo duck and clone flyers round out our motion decoys. These provide the finishing touches to what are already unbelievable sets of realistic feeding and resting birds. Equipment is hauled to and from shoots in aluminum trailers. This makes getting into fields, setting up and hunting an enjoyable, worry free experience. We use quads or 4 x 4's to get into fields and potholes surrounded by swath or hard to get at places because of mud or terrain. The Kawasaki Mule makes getting into places that other hunters cannot get to a piece of cake. This allows us to hunt in any kind of weather the Alberta harvest season throws at us!

Excellent Accommodations...

You will stay at Nighthaven Lodge. Four bedrooms set up for double occupancy, three bathrooms with showers and a large common area to relax and kick back in make for a comfortable stay after a long day in the field. Meals are served upstairs in a family atmosphere and watching the odd college football game may result in some friendly bantering and camaraderie!

Excellent Staff...

Everyone involved at Boss Guiding/Nighthaven Lodge shares some expertise in our business. Awesome cooks, guides, spotters and drivers are here to serve you!

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Excellent Success Rates...

Our goal is to give you an opportunity to shoot a possession limit of ducks and geese during your stay at Nighthaven. This past season was excellent with many groups going home with full possession limits of both Ducks and Geese

We Cater To...

Fathers, Sons, Daughters & Extended Family Groups

Hunting is a social activity. The level of enjoyment is enhanced when you can share it with family and close friends. Take advantage of the opportunity to bring the people you most like to hunt and spend time with. You will be glad you did!

All Age Groups

Many beginners have been fortunate enough (one might think spoiled) by having their first waterfowl trip away from home at Nighthaven Lodge. A multitude of hard working people in their middle ages have taken time out to hunt with us. Perhaps the ones we like best are those in the twilight years, hunters who would like to get out one last time before hanging up their equipment. Special consideration has been given to those hunters who just don 't want to quit. Our oldest hunter to date was 97 years young!

Corporate Bookings

Consider bringing a group of like-minded employees from your place of business. The number of corporate bookings, both nationally and internationally, continues to increase each year. The feedback on these hunts has been extremely positive.

Booking Information & Prices
We can accomodate groups of up to 8 on each 3 day hunt.

Bookings are confirmed when deposits are recieved.

Included in All Packages:
  • Accommodations
  • Non-resident alien bird hunting license
  • Ammunition
  • Bird Cleaning
  • Meals with complimentary beverages
  • Transportation to/from Calgary Int'l Airport and to/from all shoots
  • All hunting equipment except personal items
Package #1 - Monday to Wednesday

Arrive Sunday evening for dinner and depart Wednesday before noon. Enjoy three mornings and two evenings of excellent duck and goose shooting.

Package #2 - Thursday to Sunday

Arrive Wednesday evening for dinner and depart Sunday morning after breakfast. Enjoy three mornings and three evenings of fabulous wing shooting.

2023 Hunting Schedule
2023 Bookings
Hunt #1 Sept. 4-6 Booked
Hunt #2 Sept. 7-9 Booked
Hunt #3 Sept. 11-13 OPEN 6-8 Hunters
Hunt #4 Sept. 14-16 Booked
Hunt #5 Sept. 18-20 Booked
Hunt #6 Sept. 21-23 Booked
Hunt #7 Sept. 25-27 Booked
Hunt #8 Sept. 28-30 Booked
Hunt #9 Oct. 2-4 Booked
Hunt #10 Oct. 5-7 Booked
Hunt #11 Oct. 9-11 Booked
Hunt #12 Oct. 12-14 Booked
Hunt #13 Oct. 16-18 Booked
Hunt #14 Oct. 19-21 OPEN 6-8 Hunters
Hunt #15 Oct. 23-25 Booked
Hunt #16 Oct. 26-28 Booked

Let's get started.

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